See your grid... in the big picture.


Simple visual elements in a single 3D scene instead of several graphs and excel sheets.


Ultra-fast AI-driven analytical modules trained on more than
20 billion smart meter readings.


Stop right there. Go back in time. Turn the scene around.
It's as easy as it looks like.

Use the data you already have.

You don't have to install any new devices or sensors to your grid. VGA help you get value from the data you already have - simply upload the data to our cloud and select what types of issues you want to start solving.

VGA are easy to use. The innovative 3D visualization component gives you the freedom to choose how you want to see your grid - with or without the underlying map, with set custom voltage levels for visual alerts and more.

VGA are also secure. It's compliant with international security standards for critical infrastructure and able to work with fully anonymized datasets.

We are constantly working on new features to improve your experience. Explore the VGA with our free demo and find out for yourself.

Advanced analytics driven by AI

Use one or more of our

Analytical modules

Illegal connection and non-technical losses detection

Expose illegal connections to your grid. Find out exactly where and at what time you are losing energy from your grid.

Electric vehicle home charging radar

Have the information not only about when and where the charging was happening, but also whether and what issues it caused in the grid.

Grid consistency check

This module is already built-in as it necessary for the validation of input data and grid topology.

Phase connection identification

Know what phase exactly are the individual consumption points connected to or what the order of phases is.

Photovoltaics production detection

Not every solar panel needs to be connected to the grid. Learn about consumption points with installed PV panels and how they are affecting your grid. This module will be available soon.

Grid problems detection

Are you interested in knowing the actual quality of supply, load and under- or overvoltage on a given substation or consumption point? This module is now being finalized and will be available soon.

Choose the most suitable package

VGA are designed to meet the needs of any utility – local or global. That is why our packages are limited only by the number of consumption points. You can choose a different yearly subscription package for each module, it’s entirely up to you how is your final setup going to look.

Starting at 10.000 €, we are sure you will find the solution that fits your needs best.

Package XS S M L XL
Limits (consumption points) 10.000 50.000 250.000 1.000.000 5.000.000



Excellent analytics, intelligence and visualisation over data is becoming a must have in solution portfolios containing meter data management systems, meter data collection systems, SCADA systems, grid monitoring or planning systems. That’s why we built VGA to be easily integrable with others – to enhance analytics and visualisation capabilities of any partner solution. VGA consists…

How modules work: Non-technical losses

VGA NTL (non-technical losses) is able to detect the areas in your grid with illegal connections or segments with unmeasured consumption. It identifies suspicious lines and grid segments to let you know exactly where and at what time you are losing energy from your grid. In the 3D dynamic grid model, you can see it…

What data VGA works with

Most use-cases require the following data about low voltage grid topology. These data are typically exported from GIS systems and allow us to analyze grid elements behaviour in their topology relations with other grid elements – analyze grid behaviour elements in contexts. This is how the datasets look like: Measurements and events time series are…

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