Welcome to the new VGA website

By Vaclav Adamec
VGA website

It’s been a while since the European Utility Week in Paris in November 2019, where we presented our Visual Grid Analytics mock-up to the energy industry experts for the first time – and a lot has changed since. VGA is no longer a mock-up, but a fully operational cloud-based online web app. What else has changed?

VGA has evolved

In November 2019, VGA was merely a mock-up built for the European Utility Week. It was showing how an energy grid digital twin might look like. Still, it attracted a lot of experts from the energy industry who were saying things like “This is the only innovation I have seen here.” – and that was the impulse for us.

Right after we returned from Paris, we began working on making the VGA more than just a mock-up or visualisation add-on. This is how the VGA web app came to be. We have built it in cloud so that clients could easily upload their data and get the result immediately.

You can finally get value back from the data you already collect.

Getting value from data analytics has never been easier. In a single and understandable 3D scene, you can see how your grid looks like and based on the type of analytics you have chosen – be it EV charging, non-technical losses or phase connection – you can finally get value back from the data you already collect. See on which part and at which time is your grid experiencing issues. Take measures and solve it. Save costs and improve the stability and security of the grid.

This is only the beginning

Today, we have launched the VGA website. VGA web app is already fully operational, but with temporarily restricted access until we finish the last set of tests. How long is this stage going to take? Less than a month. In the meantime, we will post more information about our new packages and analytical modules. Stay tuned!