How modules work: Non-technical losses

By Filip Prochazka (CEO)

VGA NTL (non-technical losses) is able to detect the areas in your grid with illegal connections or segments with unmeasured consumption. It identifies suspicious lines and grid segments to let you know exactly where and at what time you are losing energy from your grid. In the 3D dynamic grid model, you can see it as red grid segments.

The NTL module is putting together the information about:

  • the grid topology,
  • measured consumption on consumption points and substations,
  • voltage measurement – profile or collected in an instantaneous values collection campaign,
  • PLC communication statistics (if available).

It can also provide provide further information about identified suspicions:

  • estimated average loss per day,
  • estimated precision – how much is the NTL module sure about the possibility of an existing illegal connection at given point.

The NTL module algorithms are able to detect individual suspicious voltage drops, sort out occasional problems and bring out behaviour patterns of illegal connections. These patterns were collected during our 9 years of data analytical projects with DSOs and more than 15 billions of analysed measurements.