By Filip Prochazka (CEO)

Excellent analytics, intelligence and visualisation over data is becoming a must have in solution portfolios containing meter data management systems, meter data collection systems, SCADA systems, grid monitoring or planning systems. That’s why we built VGA to be easily integrable with others – to enhance analytics and visualisation capabilities of any partner solution.

VGA consists of two layers:

  • VGA intelligence – contains analytical capabilities like illegal connection detection, EV charging radar, phase connection detection and other specific use-cases,
  • VGA visualisation – 3D dynamic grid visualisation.

OEM integration can be done on both levels:

  1. It can be done solely on the application logic level. In this case VGA plays the role of an embedded intelligent engine providing specific analytical services. In technical terms, the integration can be done using REST services or Kafka messages. We are open to discuss other potential possibilities which can be interesting for our partners.
  2. It can also be done on the frontend level. VGA visualization components can be embedded to partner user interfaces. In technical terms, the integration can be done using iframes with http based communication with a third party user interface. We can also provide the VGA visualization as a React component able to communicate with a third party user interface.

If you like the VGA, it can provide grid analytics for you and visualise your data. Contact us and we’d be happy to discuss how VGA can help enhancing your own solution capabilities.