3 steps to see your grid

Find out how VGA works – watch the short video, try the interactive model below or register and access the free demo project.

Try the 3D grid model right now

This interactive 3D model is a digital twin of a real grid with altered and fully anonymized data inputs. After you upload data to the VGA web app, the system will automatically create a digital twin of your grid.

In cloud, VGA usually works with anonymized data (artificially constructed unique network element IDs, relative geographical coordinates etc.) to comply with data protection regulations such as the GDPR. On premise, VGA can also work with GIS information and your grid model can be displayed with an underlying map – this feature is useful mainly for field inspections planning.

It’s easy to control the model using your mouse. Hold the left button to move around, hold the right button to change the perspective or use the wheel to zoom in or out. Left-click on the menu in the top right corner to set voltage alerts, change the scale or switch three-phase to one-phase displaying.

We recommend using a Chromium based web browser such as Chrome (Windows, MacOS) or Edge (Windows).

VGA is ready for the holographic future

To offer the best possible visual experience to our customers, VGA is fully compatible with holographic displays. See your grid in native 3D without having to use any VR headset. For further information, contact us at sales@mycroftmind.com.

VGA on a holographic display